• What is POD?

Print-on-demand is the process whereby an author, publisher, or literary manager prints their book on a per order basis. This means, we only get to print copies of your book when we receive an order from you or a customer. This saves you the cost of printing in large quantities.

  • How Does Tabili Work?

Simple. You write your manuscript, upload the well-edited version of the work on our website, pay the onboarding fee of N200,000, and in a few days expect the first 100 copies of your book delivered to your address.

  • How Do I pay the onboarding fee?

After your submission has been received and reviewed, we will send you a confirmation email which will contain direction on how to pay the onboarding fee.

  • How many days will I have to wait to receive my first copy?

After fulfilling the basic requirements, your first copy should in print 15 to 25 working days after your order is confirmed. One of our team will contact you to walk you through this journey.

  • What are the basic requirements I must fulfill to be printed and distributed on Tabili?

At the receipt of your submission, our quality control unit will review your manuscript to ensure it is an original work and ascertain you have sent your files in the right formats. If your submission passes through quality control successfully, a confirmation email will be sent to you. This will be done within 48 hours after your submission.

  • What Are The Correct Formats?

You are expected to send in your manuscript in either Word document or PDF formats only. Your cover design should be sent in either Corel Draw or Adobe In-Design format. Please ensure the full cover design [front and back cover] is sent in the accepted formats.

  • I need more copies, how do I go about receiving copies for sale to friends and family?

After the receipt of the first copies of your work, your book will go live and you can order for more copies via the website. Sales proceeds from all your orders will be credited to your account.

  • Do I receive discount for copies ordered?

All of our authors qualify for a good discount off the selling price depending on the number of copies they are printing.

  • How Do I receive payment for copies of my book sold?

           For every sale made via the website, we will on a weekly basis send you a report containing the number of copies sold. We charge a thirty percent discount for every title sold. Tabili shall only remit to your bank account sales proceed to the tune of at least N2500 on the 15th of every month.

  • How does Tabili market and promote my title?

Your title will be available to thousands of our teeming readers courtesy of our hardworking PR experts. We also encourage you to share the news about your book with your friends on social media.

  • Do you also help with the editing of my work?

No, we don’t. It is our expectation that your work has undergone thorough editing in the hands of a professional editor. Notwithstanding, Tabili now offers editorial services to our authors. In a case you are in need of a professional editor, we are able to refer you to our sister company.

  • Can you help me with the book cover design of the title?

Except you already have a cover design done for you by a professional artist, all of our titles now come with a cover design.

  • Can you help me with the assignment of ISBN to my title?

Yes, we are able to assign an ISBN to your title if you have not done so at no cost. Please note that you are only able to use the ISBN for your title on Tabili.